API Parameters

Customize the response from the Lowe's API by adding parameters to your request.

IMPORTANT! The engine parameter should always be set to lowes!

The Lowe's API is a powerful Lowe's scraping tool, made easy to use. Basically, in order to scrape Lowe's, all you have to do is send a GET request to our official endpoint followed by the parameters you chose to customize your request.

The Lowe's API uses general parameters (applicable to any search type) and search type specific parameters (applicable to specific search types only). We will cover the search type specific parameters in each search category.

Here is the full list of the general parameters:


api_key required


Specify your unique API access key to authenticate with the API. You can find your API access key in your account dashboard.

engine required


The engine of the API. Needs to be set to lowes for all Lowe's API requests.

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