API Parameters

The power of the Google scraping API stands in its parameter. Learn how to use them and you will master Google Search scraping in little to no time.

In order to customise the response from the Google API, you have to pass certain query parameters to your request. As we discussed in the Getting Started section, the Google API supports multiple search types. Because each type has its own particularities, the Google API has two sets of parameters:

  • General parameters, applicable to any of the search engines

  • Search type specific parameters, applicable to specific search engines

We will cover the General parameters here and present the specific ones in the sections dedicated to each search engine.

Google API General Parameters


api_key Required


Specify your unique API key to authenticate with the API. Your API key can be found in your account dashboard.

engine Required


The engine of the API. Check each Search Type's engine on the designated page.

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