Advanced Proxy Requests

To use more advanced features, such as choosing a specific proxy location or using the same IP for multiple requests, you can include additional headers in your request.

Here is a list of all the available features and the corresponding headers:



Add a session ID to reuse the same proxy (IP Address) for multiple requests. The value of the ID can be any integer.


Use an IP address from a specific country. You can find the supported geo-location values here.

Custom Headers

You can add your own headers, such as Accept, User-Agent or any other. Just prefix them with “WSA-”.

Custom Cookies

You can add cookies through headers. Ex: the "WSA-Cookie: SID=abcd“ header will add the “SID=abcd” cookie to your request.


You can set "X-WSA-Render: screenshot" to request a screenshot of the page.

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