Getting Started

Scraping Bing can help improve SEO, get data from your competitors and much more. Luckily, our SERP API suite includes a Bing engine that allows you to extract data from very fast.

The Bing engine is part of our SERP API and offers you fast access to Bing Search Results. As you will discover in the upcoming documentation, the Bing Search API is straightforward, making it an easy to use solution that returns the scraped data in a JSON format.

The documentation for this API covers the API parameters you can use to customise your request and also some basic implementation examples. These resources should help you set up a Bing scraping project in the shortest time possible.

If there is some information left uncovered in this documentation and you need more help from us, feel free to reach out to our technical support team. We'll make sure to review your request and come up with the best solutions for your needs.

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