Access the API

The Yandex API is part of a bigger suit of SERP scraping solutions developed by our team.

To access the API, you need to send a GET request to our official SERP API endpoint and include the engine=yandex parameter.

The official SERP API endpoint is:


You can use this as the base URL for the Yandex API:<YOUR_API_KEY>&engine=yandex

The API Key

Authorising requests to the SERP API is made via the api_key parameter, that needs to be included in the base URL. Failing to pass this required parameter will generate a 401 HTTP code. If you haven't got your API key yet, you can do so by registering a new account and by subscribing to the SERP API service inside the Dashboard.

In the following examples, we will refer to the API key by using this syntax:<YOUR_API_KEY>

In order to prevent unauthorised access to your subscription plan, please do not include your personal API key in any public code (for example on GitHub).

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