Use an IP address from a specific country.

Web Stealth Proxy allows you to send the request from different countries, by passing the X-WSA-Geo-Locationheader to your request. For example, if you want the targeted website to receive your request from an IP address located in Germany, you just need to pass the X-WSA-Geo-Location: de header to your request. You can check the full list of supported countries below.

Web Stealth Proxy Geolocation Examples

curl -k -x "" -U "<YOUR-PROXY-USERNAME>:<YOUR-PROXY-PASSWORD>" -X GET "" --header "X-WSA-Geo-Location: de"
Supported Countries
  • United Kingdom (gb)

  • United States of America (us)

  • Canada (ca)

  • Germany (de)

  • France (fr)

  • Japan (jp)

  • China (cn)

  • Australia (au)

  • Spain (es)

  • Brazil (br)

  • India (in)

  • Mexico (mx)

Access to 195 countries is available to Enterprise customers upon request.

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