Access the API

Accessing the Google Scraping API is as simple as sending a GET request to our endpoint.

The Google API works on top of the SERP API, which is available via GET requests sent to our official API endpoint and by specifying the engine=<GOOGLE_ENGINE> query parameter.

The official SERP API endpoint is:


To choose the appropriate engine check out the available Google Search Engines.

You can use this as the base URL for the Google API:<YOUR_API_KEY>&engine=<GOOGLE_ENGINE>

The API key

Our SERP API requires an API key for authentication. The key is embedded in the URL as a query parameter called api_key and has to be included on each GET request, for the request to pass. Failing to pass the required api_key parameter or passing an incorrect key will result in an Unauthorised HTTP status.

To obtain an API key for the SERP API, you have to:

  1. Register a new account on our official platform

  2. Subscribe to the SERP API service from within the Dashboard

Subscription to the SERP API gives you access to all supported engines: Google, Bing and Yandex.

In the following documentation, we will refer to the API key by using this syntax:<YOUR_API_KEY>

Please make sure to store your private API key in a secure location and never make it publicly available. Using the API key directly impacts you subscription plan.

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