Access the API

The Bing API is part of a bigger suite of SERP scraping solutions developed by our team.

The Bing API works as a custom engine of our SERP API suite. Accessing the API is possible by sending GET requests via our official SERP API endpoint and by specifying the engine=bing parameter.

The official SERP API endpoint is:


You can use this as the base URL for the Bing API<YOUR_API_KEY>&engine=bing

The API Key

All requests sent to our SERP API have to include an API key, used for authorization. Failing to pass the required api_key parameter to your request will result in a 401: Unauthorised status.

If you haven't obtained your API key, you can do so by registering an account here, followed by subscribing to our SERP API service. Once subscribed, your private API key will be available inside the Dashboard, under the SERP API section.

In the following documentation, we will refer to the API key by using this syntax:<YOUR_API_KEY>

Make sure you store the API key in a safe, private file. Making your API key publicly available can affect the usage on your subscription plan.

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