Google Jobs Listing API

Scrape single listing on the Google Jobs platform and get the data in a nicely formatted JSON format.

To enable this engine, set the engine=google_jobs_listing parameter.

While the Google Jobs API returns a list with all the available listings on the Google Jobs platform, the Google Jobs Listing API returns data scraped from a singular job. The job you want to scrape is identified by its ID.

You can get the job_id via the Google Jobs API.

This is the base 64 encoded value of a JSON like this: {"job_title":"Sr Software Developer (R&D)","company_name":"B. Braun Medical Inc.","htidocid":"U3hnego7LaXJ9lF7AAAAAA==","q":"programmer"}

Google Jobs Listing API Integraation Examples

We will use following URL as an example for this request:<YOUR_API_KEY>&q=eyJqb2JfdGl0bGUiOiJTciBTb2Z0d2FyZSBEZXZlbG9wZXIgKFImRCkiLCJjb21wYW55X25hbWUiOiJCLiBCcmF1biBNZWRpY2FsIEluYy4iLCJodGlkb2NpZCI6IlUzaG5lZ283TGFYSjlsRjdBQUFBQUE9PSIsInEiOiJwcm9ncmFtbWVyIn0=

Ready to Use Google Jobs Listing API Scraping Scripts

curl --request GET --url ""

Google Jobs Listing API Parameter

#1: Query Parameter


q Required


The base 64 encoded value obtained from the Google Jobs API job_id.

To access this API, your GET request should be sent to the following address:<YOUR_API_KEY>&q=<BASE_64_ENCODED_JOB_ID>
Response Example
  "search_parameters": {
    "google_jobs_listing_url": ";jobs&hl=en&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#htivrt=jobs&htidocid=U3hnego7LaXJ9lF7AAAAAA==&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8",
    "engine": "google_jobs_listing",
    "google_domain": "",
    "device": "desktop",
    "query": "eyJqb2JfdGl0bGUiOiJTciBTb2Z0d2FyZSBEZXZlbG9wZXIgKFImRCkiLCJjb21wYW55X25hbWUiOiJCLiBCcmF1biBNZWRpY2FsIEluYy4iLCJodGlkb2NpZCI6IlUzaG5lZ283TGFYSjlsRjdBQUFBQUE9PSIsInEiOiJwcm9ncmFtbWVyIn0="
  "search_information": {
    "organic_results_state": "Results for exact spelling",
    "total_results": null,
    "time_taken_displayed": null,
    "query_displayed": null
  "google_jobs_listing": {
    "apply_options": [
    "ratings": [
        "source": "Indeed",
        "link": ",+FL&utm_campaign=google_jobs_reviews&utm_source=google_jobs_reviews&utm_medium=organic",
        "rating": " 3.9 ",
        "reviews": " 945 reviews"
        "source": "PayScale",
        "link": "",
        "rating": " 3.8 ",
        "reviews": " 25 reviews"
        "source": "Comparably",
        "link": "",
        "rating": " 4.7 ",
        "reviews": " 98 reviews"
    "salaries": [
        "source": "ZipRecruiter",
        "link": ",PA?utm_campaign=google_jobs_salary&utm_source=google_jobs_salary&utm_medium=organic",
        "salary_currency": "$",
        "salary_from": "56k",
        "salary_to": "110k",
        "salary_periodicity": "per year",
        "thumbnail": ",SIZE,URL&nfrp=0",
        "based_on": " local employers"

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